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​With so many choices it is hard to choose the right blanket for your horse. When choosing a blanket, it is important to consider your horse first. Some factors to keep in mind is their environment, do they live mostly inside or outdoors? Are they clipped in the winter? Are they an easy or hard keeper? Are they prone to rubs? By answering these questions will help you find the right rug for you horse. 

Follow this blog post to get all the information you need to make an informed choice when purchasing a blanket for your horse.

Horseware Ireland is our staff and customer’s favorite line of blanket. They have been making quality blankets since 1985 earning them a high reputation in the horse world for durability, longevity and fit.

The original blanket had 5 main design features, a blanket that wouldn’t move, looks good, you can wash, that keeps the horse warm and dry, and affordable to customers. It all started with the Rambo Original, which can still be purchased today.

Horseware Ireland Rambo Original Turnout  Horseware Ireland Rambo Supreme Turnout

The Rambo Original Turnout   &   The Rambo Supreme Turnout 

Why no gussets?

The Horseware blankets are designed with leg arches instead of shoulder gussets. The deep leg arches ensure the blanket doesn’t get caught in the horse’s elbow. The arch allows the blanket to fold like an envelope around the horse. Gussets are not ideal for turnout blankets because rarely does their design follow the true bio-mechanics of the movement of the shoulder. They create a weak point in the blanket that allows a place for rips, tears and leakage.

The Rambo Optimo Blanket is the only Horseware blanket that is designed with a large gusset. Due to the bio-mechanics of the movement of the horse, the gusset needs to be designed at the point of the movement to make sure it doesn’t inhibit any movement and create pressure points. That is why the Horseware designed the Rambo Split Technology in the Rambo Optimo Blankets. The gusset design for this blanket is designed for ultimate freedom of movement. It allows the front and rear sections of the rug to move independently, which is ideal for large moving horses.

Because the horse’s shoulders are connected to the spine by muscles and tissues instead of a joint, they produce a large range of movement. By creating the gusset just behind the top of the shoulder, it does not create any pressure points or inhibit the horse’s movement. The gusset location is the same place where the tree of the saddle sits on the horse. This allows for maximum freedom for the horse in the blanket and prevents shoulder rubbing on large moving horses.

Horseware Ireland Rambo Optimo TurnoutHorseware Ireland Rambo Optimo Turnout Design

The Rambo Optimo Turnout

No hind leg straps?

One of the biggest questions we received about the Horseware blankets is the lack of hind leg straps. Not to worry! One of the fundamental designs goals for the Horseware turnout blankets is for the blanket to not move on the horse. Even when your horse is out in the field rolling, bucking and having a good time, these blankets are proven and tested to stay in place. With no hind leg straps, there is less chance of coming to the barn and finding your horse tangled up in their blanket and injuring themselves. All blankets have a tail cord with prevents the blanket from coming up and off the horse’s hindquarters. If you purchase a Rhino or Amigo blanket it is worth it to upgrade to the PVC Bungee Cord. Standard in all Rambo blankets, it is easier to clean and reduces manure stains. 

Horseware Ireland Wipe Clean Tail Cord

Close up on the wipe clean tail cord and the liner system attachment. 

Photo credits to Jenni Autry. Check out her review on the Rambo Duo on Eventing Nation here.

Liner System

One of our favorite features of the Horseware Ireland Blanket line is their adjustability with their Liner System. The liner system is compatible in most of the Horseware line. With this simple system, you can add superior insulation to your blanket without having to undo 2 blankets, with a mess of belly bands and leg straps. The liners attach by Velcro loops to the neck area of the outer blanket, and clips onto the back corners to prevent the liner from slipping. All you have to do is undo the Velcro on the chest when removing your horse’s blanket. The liners can be easily washed in a domestic washing machine, and don’t collect hair due to the smooth polyester outer. Check out our selection of liners, here

The liners come in a variety of weights ranging from 100g – 400g. Make your rain sheet a winter blanket, or add more warmth to your winter blanket for those cold January nights.

Horseware Ireland Liner System

​Attaching the Horseware's Liner System Neck Velcro

What makes blankets waterproof?

There are many variables that make blankets waterproof, including stitching, webbing, material and fasteners. The more manipulation to the material allows for more weak points for a blanket to rip and tear. 

Waterproofing of synthetic rugs uses a chemically treated membrane underneath the denier. This prevents water from passing in, but allows air to still vent out. This membrane is what creates the waterproofing.

The denier of a fabric does not directly relate to the waterproof, breathability, and durability of the blanket. The material the blanket is made out of makes all the difference. Such as a Rambo that is made of 1000D Ballistic Nylon versus a blanket made of cheaper 1200D polyester. Even though the Rambo has a lower denier, being made of Ballistic Nylon will make it a more durable material than polyester. If a cheaper fabric is woven tightly to create a higher denier, it can in turn create the material to be less breathable.

Horseware Ireland uses Aquatrans technology in all their Rambo, Rhino and Amigo Turnout rugs. They outer hydrophobic layer is water hating and drives the water vapors through the fabric and away the outer top layer of the turnout rug. The inner layer of hyrophillic fill is water loving, as it pulls the sweat and water vapors off the horse’s body and up through the rug. This is important as horses can sweat up to one gallon a day. This keeps the horse dry under the blanket.

When washing your horse's blankets, regular laundry detergent can strip the waterproofing off of the blanket. Do right by your investment, and wash your blankets with Rambo Blanket Wash. This soap is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. Specially formulated to not harm blanket insulation, wool or down fill, hook-and-loop closures, elastic or waterproofing. 

Did you know all Rambo Rugs comes with a 3 year warranty on waterproofing and stainless steel hardware? 

Horseware Ireland Waterproof Technology Horseware Ireland Waterproof Technology ​​​​

Check back soon for more information on the Rambo, Rhino, and Amigo Blankets!

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