Helmet Tips

Our staff at Summerside Tack understands that not one helmet is the answer for every rider. We all have different needs and different shaped heads. Let us let you find the perfect helmet to help keep you safe when out enjoying your horse! If you have any questions regarding your helmet, please feel free to contact us.

Troxel Helmets at Summerside Tack

1.   The safest helmet is the helmet that fits you the best

Fit is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best helmet for you. You want your helmet to be snug like a hug on your head and have very little movement when undone loose on your head. This is to make sure that it will stay in place during a hard impact when you need it to help protect your head.

By general rule of thumb, you want your helmet to have consistent and even contact around your head. It should sit level with one or two finger distance above your eyebrows and ears. You don’t want your helmet to feel perched on your head, or too big so that it impedes your vision. You should be able to wiggle your helmet and have your eyebrows move with it.

2.    Be proactive

Wear your helmet! A helmet is of no help if it stays sitting in the tack room collecting dust. When you purchase your helmet, make sure it is comfortable and you like it, so you are more inclined to wear it when enjoying time with your horse. Also remember that a helmet doesn’t make you invincible. Always use common sense and safety when around horses.

3.   Don’t keep your helmet in the car

It is important to not keep your helmet in the hot car. This is an easy way to damage your helmet quickly. The heat and UV rays will accelerate damage, degrade the glue, and allow your helmet to fall apart quickly. Keep it in a climate-controlled tack room or house.

Back on Track EQ3 Helmet SummersideTack

4.  Be aware of your hair

Did you know your hair can drastically change the fit of your helmet? If you like to ride with your hair under your helmet, make sure to try on helmets with the same way you would tuck your hair. If you change your hairstyle, it can also change the fit of your helmet. Some helmets come with changeable liners that can help to adjust to these minor fit changes.

5.   Replace your helmet

Not everyone knows that helmets have an expiration date. It is important to replace your helmet after 5 years of the purchase date. If you have a fall or impact with your helmet, it is important to replace it immediately. Helmets are designed to only take one impact. If they take multiple impact it can create weak spots in your helmet, therefore not protecting you as well as they should. 

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