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​We are tack nerds at Summerside Tack & Equestrian Wear, and we love to share our knowledge with the customers.  Under this section you can find articles for everything from bits, blankets, leather care and more. That way you can make the most informed opinion when you make purchases for your horse. 

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Horseware Rambo Duo

Tack and Bits

A Bit About Bits

One of our favorite topics! There is a lot to understand about bits and finding the right one for your horse can be stressful. Not to worry we are here to help.​

Sprenger Bits

​The bit operates like a communication channel between rider and horse. As the mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of the horse's body it is important to treat it very carefully. ​

A Bit Less: The Explanation of Bitless Options

It is nice to have options, learn which bitless bridle is right for you and your horse. ​

10 Reasons to Use Slow Feeder Nets for Your Horses

Learn how Slow Feeders nets can benefit your horse physically and mentally. ​

Bit Collection


Micklem Bridles

Read more on the design, fit and features of the Micklem Bridle.

​Back on Track

Find out on what makes this brand a must have for all athletes, and how it helps your muscles prepare, perform and recover.

Design Details Behind Horseware Blankets

Understand what sets Horseware Blanket apart from all other brands. ​

Rambo Blankets

Going strong since 1985, the Rambo Original is still an excellent blanket. Read more about the best blanket you can buy for your horse. 

The ThinLine Technology

Find out why this is the only pad endorsed by spinal surgeons. ​

Back on Track Lynx MIPS Helmet


Helmet Fit Tips

Does your helmet fit correctly? Use these 5 tips to check. ​

Concussion Awareness for Equestrians

Many equestrian deaths can be due to inaccurate diagnosis of a concussion.

Thinking with your Head

Wearing a helmet can help reduce the chance of a lethal head injury.​​

10 Things to Remember on International Helmet Awareness Day

A campaign event designed to educate people about the importance of wearing a hat, following dressage Olympian Courtney King-Dye’s accident from which she suffered a brain injury.​​

MIPS Helmets

​Ever wonder why all the hype about the MIPS helmet system? It is all for a good reason, brain health and protection. As science and research develops, we are understanding how delicate our brain is and how much effect falls, and concussions can have on our physical and mental health.​​

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