Micklem Bridles

The Rambo Micklem Bridle

At Summerside Tack we love to carry tack that has the horse in mind. The Micklem Bridles are designed from the inside out, to fit the shape of the horses skull. Our customers rave about these bridles and the improvement in their horses. The Rambo Micklem is available in 4 different styles; Multibridle, Original Competition, Deluxe Competition and the Diamante Competition. They comes in Black or Brown and sizes Pony, Small Horse/Cob, Average Horse and Large Horse.

More comfortable, more humane, more effective!

Micklem Bridles at Summerside Tack

The Rambo Micklem Bridles are the first bridle or cavesson that is designed from the inside out, from the shape of the skull itself, instead of just from the outward appearance of the head. In particular, it avoids any pressure from the facial nerves, the protruding cheek bones and upper jaw molar teeth.

The Design

  • The noseband sits higher avoiding pressure on the fragile nose bones. The bottom back strap gives similar functionally as a drop or flash noseband.
  • The noseband avoids any pressure on the motor and sensory nerves, trigeminal nerve, eliminating discomfort and numbness on the lower areas of the head.
  • The shaped, widened, padded crownpiece has no separate uncomfortable narrow noseband strap. The design spreads the pressure evenly over a wide area of the poll.
  • The shaped cheek piece fits comfortably around the protruding cheekbones, avoiding unnecessary pressure.
  • The noseband and back straps avoid the protruding molar teeth, so sensitive tissue inside the mouth is not damaged.

Micklem Bridle Design

This design prevents pinching the facial nerves and sensitive tissues lining of the cheeks inside the mouth. Pinching is common from normal tight fitting cavessons, flash nosebands, and even bitless bridles. The reason for this pinching on standard bridles is easy to understand when looking at the skull. The top jaw is considerably wider than the lower jaw in the skull of a horse. The inside of the cheeks can be squashed, bruised and lacerated between the outer edge of the upper jaw teeth on one side and by the noseband pressure on the other side. In addition it is important to avoid the delicate, fragile bones at the end of the nose.

Micklem Bridle Design

Horse's Jaw

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle overcomes all of these areas of discomfort.

It is an excellent solution for many horses because it relieves pain and discomfort from the frequently damaged bars of the mouth, or from too much pressure on the tongue, resulting in a fight for contact and an unwillingness to use their body correctly.

Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle

The Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle

The Micklem Multibridle is an excellent addition to any tack room, as it is 3 pieces of equipment in one.

  • ​ A bridle,
  • A lunging cavesson,
  • A bitless bridle with levels of strength.

Note the Micklem Multi Bridle is not legal for the show ring.

Micklem Lunging Caveson

The Lunge Cavesson

The Micklem Multi Bridle can also be used as a classical lunge cavesson by simply attaching a lung line to the ring provided on the nose piece. When using side reins or running reins, which by their nature are relatively fixed, the bit clip system is a huge advantage, as it keeps the contact stable.

Micklem Bitless Bridle

The Bitless Bridle

There are two option on the bitless bridle strengths. It is a great way to switch it up for horses who have mouth damage or who are currently teething.

The mild option of this set up is to take out the bit by undoing the bit straps and clips and attach the reins directly to the side rings.

Micklem Bitless Bridle

To have a slightly strong bitless option, you can add the curb groove attachment by fitting it under the bottom strap, like a curb chain. You need to open the lower back strap of the Multibridle to do this. Fit the lower back strap through the keeper at the back of the curb groove attachment before doing this strap up again. Then bring the side straps of this attachment back through the side rings of the Multibridle, before attaching the reins to the end of theses side straps.

Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle

The Competition Bridle

The Competition bridle is a show quality bridle made from hand finished leather with soft padding. 

This style is FEI approved for both Dressage and Show jumping. It comes in Black or Brown.

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Horseware Rambo Deluxe Competition Bridle

​The Deluxe Competition Bridle

​With a wider nose piece, raised nose and brow band with contrast fancy stitching detail this bridle is truly deluxe! It comes in either normal leather or English bridle leather.

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Horseware Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle

The Diamante Competition Bridle

​To complete the Horseware Diamante Collection, this bridle is designed with a wider noseband and luxurious diamante effect studs in the browband.  It comes in either normal leather or English bridle leather.​ 

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Parts of the Rambo Micklem Bridle

Fitting the Micklem Bridles

The key to fitting your Mickle Bridles is to ensure that the front nosepiece is approximately 2” – 3” higher than the corners of the mouth and at least 6 fingers above the nostrils. To confirm you have the right position, put your fingers on either side of the nose at this position and you will be able to locate where the fragile ends of the nose bone begins.

Doing the Top Straps

The Top Strap should be fasten flush with the skin, not loose like a throat latch. This holds the bridle in place. It will sit naturally on the cheek bones at approximately a 45 degree to the vertical.

Doing up the Bottom Straps.

This fits like a standard dropped noseband, underneath the bit and flush with the skin. This fitting allows the horse freedom to open their mouth a little, but when this happens the bit will rise up and encourage the mouth to stay closed.

Fitting the Bit Clips

Use the appropriate length of clips to join the bit to the top side right, and you will have a unique tongue and bar protection system. This is ideal for riding students or young horses. If a rider gets left behind, or a horse and rider pull against each other, the clips will shift the extra pressure on to the nose rather than on to the tongue or the very narrow bars of the mouth. This is a similar action to an Australian racing noseband. It helps the horse to accept the bit quietly and discourages them from putting the tongue over the bit. It is also very useful for novice riders who have not yet learned to go with the motion of the horse. 

​Want to give it a try?

​We understand that tack can be an investment and you want to make sure it works for your horse. 

We offer a Micklem Trial Bridle that you can take home and try on your horse. 

Please contact us for more information.​​​

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