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ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wrap

Stirrup Wrap Ride Right Knee Relief ™ addresses knee problems AND offers riders a non-slip, shock absorbent surface.

ThinLine Stirrup Wraps arrive in a kit consisting of optional wedges to be applied beneath the wraps to enable shock absorption along with non-slip riding surface. Designed by a surgeon and an avid rider, The Ride Right Stirrup Wrap™ “uses a specially designed shim to relieve  of the knee joint caused by ordinary leg position while riding with stirrups. Shock absorbing ThinLine wrapped around the stirrup provides impact protection for both horse and rider. The no slip stirrup wrap creates welcome stability for all forms of riding.

We do more than you with a surface for your stirrup.  Shock absorption protects your horse over fences or allows you to sit the gaits with reduced movement of the foot and lower leg.  Use the enclosed wedges for of uncomfortable knee and ankle angles induced by stirrup position or just ride the wrap alone.

Jumpers, fox hunters, dressage riders, cowboys, western pleasure. All disciplines will find comfort and value in this simple wrap.