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Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Snaffle

Dynamic RS bits are shaped in such a way that they lie anatomically correct between tongue and palate and do not exert pressure on sensitive parts of the mouth. They are a further development of the KK ULTRA bits. The middle link or joint is angled forward by 45° and uses the sensitive sense of touch of the tongue.
Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the rein aids reach the horse‘s mouth in a more targeted manner. The pressure generated by the rein aid is distributed over the entire tongue, which acts like a cushion in the mouth. The mouthpiece fits perfectly into the tongue and mouth contours and the effect is precise and effective. When used correctly, Dynamic RS bits provide a confident contact - even with sensitive horses.


The advantages of Dynamic RS bits at a glance:

-Particularly large model variety
-Anatomically adapted and ergonomically shaped mouthpiece
-Optimum 45° angle position of the centre section
-Even pressure distribution, no palatal pressure
-Mouth and tongue friendly

Thickness 16 mm
Ring-Ø 65 mm
Ring type Eggbutt
-Ergonomical shape enables a soft and even pressure distribution, middle link angled forward by 45°
-Fits exactly between tongue and palate
-Enables soft but effective rein aids
-Ideal for sensitive horses or horses with a fleshy tongue
-Direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to fixed mouthpiece
-Lies steady in the horses mouth, gentle on the corners of the mouth, supports sideways acting rein aids

Made in Germany

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