English Bridles

ThinLine English Reins

ThinLine has done what rubber reins have always tried to do, only better. From the moment you pick them up through the next several years, these reins will always feel the same. No breaking-in time and no rubber breakdown after just a few months of riding.A favorite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. A must-have for eventers and hunters.  Too, trail riders cannot get enough of the comfortable feel.

ThinLine reins are a nylon base for strength yet flexible, with ThinLine wrapped around for grip and consistency. The ends are made of 5/8" English leather with a choice of buckle or stud hook closure. From the moment you pick them up ThinLine English reins will always feel the same. We guarantee you will develop softer contact and will have a steadier more consistent feel with improved confidence in this non-slip rein. Easy to hold, riders with arthritis can hold the rein with improved comfort.

Choose between:

3 sizes: 48", 54" or 60"

: Black or Brown

Rein Type: With or Without Stops


Care Instructions: We strongly recommend the use of Thinline Cleaners for these products, as they have been tested and are completely safe for the ThinLine foam lining and do an excellent job of cleaning the leather in an all natural product. For conditioning the leather we recommend using a paste-like conditioner so that you can control the application and prevent saturation in on the ThinLine material (some conditioners are harsh on the foam and can cause it to dry and crack.)