English Saddle Pads

ThinLine Cotton Square Jumper Saddle Pad

The 3/16″ Ultra Thinline provides all the shock absorption protection where you need it. Add to a heavy duty quilted cotton saddle pad, creates a breathable durable saddle pad. This is a perfect pad to hold up to everyday riding and training. The ThinLine Cotton Jumping Saddle Pad is a breathable, comfortable pad for most horse and rider! 

Designed with pockets to allow for shims to help achieve ideal saddle fit. Useful for riding multiple horses, horses in training and horse. Shims are sold separately. 

ThinLine pads are used to improve both comforts for horse and rider. Riders find softer seats and less saddle movement in a low maintenance saddle pad. Horses seek the relief of a breathable pad that releases heat and moisture. Both enjoying the 95% shock absorption on the horse’s and rider’s spine. Endorsed by Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians, and Surgeons.