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Back on Track No. 1 Saddle Pad

NEW from Back on Track.

The Back on Track No.1 Jumping Saddle Pad is Swedish designed to tailor fit your horse’s shapely back and provide wither relief and protection. Created with their special therapeutic Welltex technology the No. 1 helps to keep your horse performing and feeling their best. Back on Track Saddle Pads are known to help improve your horse’s overall balance and suppleness in the back; as well as increase circulation and aid in recovery. Top riders worldwide remark on how much it improves their horses’ movement and responsiveness. The beautiful square quilt design is complemented by quality moisture wicking material helping to support the saddle’s weight while comfortably protecting your horse’s back and staying in place.

Key Features:

• Therapeutic Welltex® Material

Shapely top line to provide protection and fit over the withers and back

• Square Quilted and Anti-Slip

• Breathable and moisture wicking

• Improved saddle fit

• Made from New materials

• Available in Dressage and Jumping/AP

• Available in Full (Small and XLarge coming soon)

* Full size fits up to 17.5

• Available in Black (White coming soon)