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English Stirrups and Leathers

Royal Riders Sport Flex Stirrups

Royal Rider Sportflex Stirrup Irons 4 3/4 Black
  • Combines maximum shock absorption with superior strength
  • Ultra-light and provides a stiffer flex for added support
  • Made using only the highest grade polymer composite
  • Two-way flex motion for better heel positioning
  • Interchangeable black rubber and stainless steel “cheese grater” foot pads
  • Wider foot base offers control and helps reduce ankle and leg fatigue
  • Each stirrup weighs 10 oz. with a tensile load of over 1,200 lbs.
  • Size:  4 ¾” only
  • Color:  Black
  • Sold in pairs


All Royal Rider products are designed and made in Italy. Using the very highest grade materials and manufacturing controls, the ultra-lightweight stirrups offer a wider foot bed for better control and balance. Shock absorbing and maintenance free, the new range of Royal Rider stirrups are true examples of “Sculpted Engineering.”™ The Royal Rider Flexible models combine maximum shock absorption with superior strength in a lightweight stirrup. The stirrups provide a stiffer flex for added support. Metal “cheese grater" and rubber pads included.

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