Half Pads

ThinLine Basic Untrimmed English Saddle Pads

Looking for a pad to add easily to your tack set up? The ThinLine Basic Pads are designed to be used over your daily pad and under your saddle. Providing 95% shock absorption on both horse and rider. The Ultra ThinLine can be added to custom/well-fitting saddles without affecting fit to the horse. Don’t feel perched above your horse when sitting in the saddle. The Ultra ThinLine has a minimal thickness of only 3/16″ while providing instant comfort that horses and riders can feel.

The Basic Standard ThinLine Pad will lie discreetly directly under your saddle while providing a non-slip surface. They will not allow a build up of heat under your tack as due to their open cell technology they are 100% breathable. These pads are durable and have a lifespan of 7-10 years and require no maintenance.

The Basic Pads come is a variety of styles including the Standard ThinLine Pad, the Standard ThinLine Pad Trimmed  the Contoured ThinLine Pad.

The Untrimmed styles come in Pony, Standard or Extra Long. Black or White.

With thickness options of the Ultra ThinLine (3/16″) or the ThinLine Plus (1/4″). Learn more about the difference between the two thickness here. 

Do you ride multiple horses, or have a developing horse? Shims are an excellent option to have for multiple reasons. Upgrade to the ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad for  features.