Horse Boots and Leg Protection

Back on Track AirFlow Tendon Boots

New tendon boots with Airtech and Welltex ® technology.

  • Shockproof material around the back of the tendon to minimize the effect of knocks. Welltex ® to enhance blood circulation and support tendons and joints.
  • Air-tech for maximum breathability.
  • 3D mesh technology for breathability and strength together with innovative perforated shock-absorbing foam.
  • Vented air holes along the tendon and on the sides.
  • Solid Straps with hook and loop fastening for a good hold and an individual fit. The straps can also be bought separately.
  • Practical and strong
  • Air-tech and 3D mesh
  • lined with Welltex
  • Shock Absorbing foam
  • Anatomical shape and a close fit


Size Guide

Medium Height: 8"

Medium Circumference: 10"

Large Height: 9"

Large Circumference: 11"


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