Horse Boots and Leg Protection

Back on Track Brush Boots 3D Mesh with Fur

The Splint Boots have protection on the inner part of the leg to help protect against the horse interfering with itself.  The boots are manufactured using the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric, provide a unique combination of protection, quality and well-being. The soft neoprene lining and 3D mesh outer layer (with shock-absorbent padding) ensures breathability and guarantees a perfect, comfortable fit. These all-purpose boots are suitable for both front and hind legs and are easy to apply with the adjustable touch tape closures.

 Sold as a Pair.

 Color: Black

 Size (height by inside measurement):

Small-9½" (2 Velcro straps),

Medium-10¾" (2 Velcro straps)

Large-12" (3 Velcro straps)

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