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Horseware Dry Liner

Designed to eliminate blanketing wait time whilst maximizing your horse’s comfort after exercise. The Horseware Dry Liner, can immediately be combined with your turnout blanket or stable sheet post exercise or wash down to help dry your horse off in maximum comfort.

How does it work?
A sophisticated triple-layered fabric construction creates the ideal conditions for moisture evaporation to help dry your horse whilst being fully blanketed, without wetting the inside of your turnout or stable rug.

Technical layers of the Horseware Dry Liner

Layer 1

A moisture wicking polar fleece supports the horse’s natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin.

Layer 2

50 gram of high loft fiberfill – As moisture is pushed into the liner by body heat, the middle layer of fiberfill assists to evaporate the moisture.

Layer 3

The top layer consists of a 3D air mesh for aeration. The 3D air mesh creates extra airspace of warmth & further evaporation, preventing your outer rug from becoming damp or the horse feeling cold.

How to use it?
After washing or exercise simply put the Dry Liner directly onto your horse. *first be sure to scrape or remove excess water from horse’s coat with a towel
Secure the Velcro front closure for a secure fit.
Simply attach the loops to any compatible Horseware Ireland Turnout or Stable Blanket.
Turn your horse out to the paddock or into their stable
Ensure they are warm dry & comfortable. *always monitor your horse to be sure they remain comfortable, even after they are dry.

The Difference between the Airmax Liner and The Horseware Dry Liner
Ultimately, both the Rambo Airmax Liner and Horseware Dry Liner are made with a highly technical 3D Airmesh material providing optimum breathability and comfort. Our Rambo Airmax Liner is used predominantly in warmer Spring weather in changeable weather conditions. Air pockets in the Airmax Liners innovative fabric provide increased breathability properties when combined with any turnout featuring liner loops.

The New Horseware Dry Liner is a more technical offering featuring enhanced moisture wicking capabilities combined with maximum breathability. The layering of fleece and fiberfill materials ensure that moisture can be drawn away from their body to ensure they are dry. This moisture will evaporate slowly to the outside of their turnout or stable rug. The Dry Liner can be used directly after cool down post exercise, on a slightly sweaty horse. Always ensure your horses body has returned to a normal temperature. 

Furthermore, the Horseware Dry Liner ensures that hairs will not become stuck in the air mesh, providing optimal comfort for the horse.


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