ThinLine Classic Wrapped Reins

These lined reins have the ThinLine padding along the inside of the rein, leaving a flat classic leather look on the outside. Perfect for in the show ring.  From the moment you pick them up, ThinLine English reins will always feel the same. Develop softer contact and will have a steadier, more consistent feel with improved confidence in this non-slip rein guarantee this rein will not slip even in wet and lathery situations. A  of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. Trail riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel. Rein thickness is and is suitable for those with small hands or arthritis.

Made from Indian Imported Leather.  Stud Hook Only.

Lots of options to choose your perfect reins.

Sizes: 54″, 60″

: Black or Dark Brown

ThinLine Tack is extremely easy to take care of. We do strongly recommend using our all-natural ThinLine Cleaners when wiping down and cleaning your ThinLine Tack. Using baby wipes or a little simple dish soap works well for quick cleans up too.