ThinLine Pro-Tech Felt Pad

The saddle pad you can buy for you and your horse’s comfort. Combining high-grade felt with extraordinary ThinLine for protection, add a pocket to allow shimming for saddle fit, and you have the perfect pad. A 3/16″ Ultra Thinline over a 1/2″ of high quality felt for a soft and smooth finish. Designed with a wither relief cut out and a spine-free free channel. 

Designed with pockets to allow for shims to help achieve ideal saddle fit. Useful for riding multiple horses, horses in training and horse. Adjust saddle fit and add more protection for your horse all in one easy step. Inserts stay put without shifting and you may stack up to three sets. We do not divide the pocket, allowing you or your saddle fitter to place the inserts precisely where your horse needs it. If you find you no longer need inserts, just remove them and keep all the great benefits of your ThinLine Pad! Shims are sold separately.

ThinLine will improve comfort for both the horse and the rider and helps you create a closer connection. Riders sit quieter, horses move better. Horses seek the relief of a breathable pad that releases heat and moisture. Both enjoying the 95% shock absorption on the horse’s and rider’s spine. Endorsed by Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians Surgeons. 

Comes in Round (28″), Medium (28″ x 28″) and Large (31.5″ x 30″)