ThinLine Western Cotton Liner

The ideal western cotton liner to be used with your wool pads! High-performance Ultra ThinLine panels sewn onto a quality quilted cotton base pad. Providing the maximum comfort with minimum bulk.The Ultra ThinLine provides 95% shock absorption, a non slip surface while being completely breathable. Allowing heat and moisture to leave the horse’s skin.

Complete with a contoured wither profile and pockets to add shims for saddle fit adjustment. Choose between Ultra Thinline (3/16″) and ThinLine Plus (1/4″) Shims in either Front, Bridging or Rear. Shims are sold separately. 

ThinLine pads are used to improve both comforts for horse and rider. Riders find softer seats and less saddle movement in a low maintenance saddle pad. Horses seek the relief of a breathable pad that releases heat and moisture. Both enjoying the 95% shock absorption on the horse’s and rider’s spine. Endorsed by Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians and Surgeons.

Available in Round (28″), Medium (28″ x 28″) and Large (32″ x 30″)