Western Saddle Pads

ThinLine Basic Western Saddle Pad

Simply add this basic western pad over your existing western saddle pad to provide ultimate protection for both horse and rider. This non-slip surface between your saddle and saddle pad will help keep your saddle in place and provide shock absorption. These pads can be added to custom and/or well-fitting saddles without altering their fit. The open cell technology allows for a 100% breathable pad.

These basic western pads have a lifespan of seven to ten years. They don’t even require washing. You can hose them off or simply use a baby wipe. Super Easy!

Comes in two thickness. The thinnest, 3/16″ Ultra ThinLine is designed for skilled riders or riders with sore backs. Compared to the 1/4″ ThinLinePlus which is designed for beginning riders, horses in high impact situations, or horses with sore backs. Read more about the differences here. 

Comes in Medium (30″ x 30″), Large (30″ x 32″) and Round Skirt 28″ (Plus Only).