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Back on Track P4G Welltex Tape

The Back on Track® P4G Tape is infused with our special mineral composition, Welltex®. The Far Infrared benefits of Welltex® material is specially designed to help improve your body’s natural healing process, promote circulation, improve movement, and prevent muscle tension when applied over your injury or at the site of your chronic pain discomfort. Apply to neck, shoulders, knees, arms, or wherever you’re seeking extra support and relief — ideal for tricky areas.

Use up to 48 hrs • Water-Resistant • Anti-Bacterial • Flexible / 2nd Skin

• Fabric: 47% Polyester, 47% Cotton, 6% Elastane • Latex Free

Ensure skin is clean/dry from body oils and lotions

(using rubbing alcohol before may help)

• On “heavily forested” areas, shaving or removing

hair (to 1cm or less) can increase adhesion

• Trim tape to desired lengths before application.

Rounding the corners of each strip before applying

can prevent premature lifting

• Avoid layering tape, except where necessary

• Touching the tacky side of tape may affect adhesion

quality and therapeutic properties

• Once applied, be sure to activate the adhesive by

rubbing each strip and ensuring edges are down

• If you are new to taping, on average it can take 3-4

wears before you feel comfortable taping yourself

and wearing the product

• If applying to a joint, be sure the joint is in a fully bent

position before beginning to avoid any limitations on

range of motion

• For best results, apply tape 30 mins. prior to activity