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Discovery Trekking Waterproof Riding Skirts

The Saddle Skirt, made from Discovery Trekking's technical soft shell fabrics, is a garment worn by a rider to protect their saddle and themselves from rain or snow. This innovative product was designed at the request of a family member. It has changed the way we ride, we are no longer limited to "fair weather" riding. The saddle skirt keeps riders dry and warm all year long. 

The Discovery Trekking Outfitters Saddle Skirt is breathable, stretchy, and stays in place even in windy conditions. The skirt anchors to the legs of the rider with adjustable elastic and completely covers the pommel or horn. The highly technical fabric is very water and wind repellent.  The soft fabric doesn't rustle or make noise like other protective sheets.  As a major bonus, you can get on and off your horse while wearing the rain skirt, as it does not attach to your horse in any way. Once on the ground you won't win a fashion contest, but it's very functional! 

The Regular saddle skirt covers the rider and the saddle. From front to rear it measures approx. 47".  It is approx. 60" across, or 30" from the midline of your horses back to where it ends above your stirrups.  

The Extended style was developed at the request of endurance and eventing riders and has an adjustable, retractable rump rug.  The extended version can be cinched up to fit just behind the saddle, or extended to cover the rump of the horse to keep their muscles warm.  The extended saddle skirt will cover the rump of larger breeds such as Warmbloods. It is approximately 78" from front to the rear when it is fully extended. If measuring from the rider's back, it is 52" to the end of the rump.  The width is 58" across in total, or 29" from the rider's center back, down over the riders legs.

Skirts can be custom made in many colors, but we keep black (heavier weight with a fleece backing for fall and winter riding) or blue (lighter for rainy climate, not as warm) in both extended and regular styles in stock. If you would like a custom skirt, it can be made at no extra cost to you, give us a call so we can help you with getting you the right skirt!

The adjustable elastic waist fits a range of sizes.  Even though they show a set size range, this fabric is stretchy so it will actually fit someone with a slightly larger waist than the range indicates. Also, it can be cinched a larger size may also work for a smaller person. But, it's still best to choose the size that is closest to your actual measurement.

Choose from:

S (waist sizes up to 34")

M (waist sizes from 34"-40") 

L (waist sizes from 40"-46)

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