Dynamint Udder Cream

DynaMint Udder Cream is an effective, natural udder massage aid ideal for helping reduce udder edema in fresh cows and mastitis flare-up when early detection is possible. Dyna Mint quickly delivers blended oils deep into udder tissue where they get straight to work. Peppermint oil increases circulation, generates heat and reduces swelling. Also provides localized cooling and toning. Calendula oil also helps increase circulation while reducing swelling and bruising. Eucalyptus oil conditions the skin; tea tree oil soothes and disinfects while penetrating deep into the tissue to promote healing. Smooth, light, water-based cream is non-greasy. Gently massage a generous amount into udder as needed. No milk withdrawal. Can be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy. Available in white, which dries clear, and green, which helps quickly identify treated cows.

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