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Effol First Aid Kit

Because a speedy reaction is vital in an emergency, the Effol® First Aid Kit contains all the essential items needed to address the situation. All first aid products are packaged neatly and portably in a hard-sided case to keep them ready when you need them.

This horse medical kit features popular, classic items for injuries:

  • Effol Skin-Repair—an antiseptic, dermatologically tested wound care cream for all skin wounds. Forms a moisture-regulating barrier film against viruses, bacteria and parasites. Contains vitamins to promote healing.

  • Effol Dragon’s Blood FilmPlaster—a drug-free application derived from the Dragon tree. Provides an external breathable hygienic film which protects the wound against environmental germs. Helps promote formation of new cells and regenerate skin. Avoids the need for painful application of alcohol to disinfect wound.

  • Effol Ice-Pack—provides instant cold compress treatment within seconds by activation of pulling mechanism. Helps reduce swelling and soothe pain caused by bruises, pulled muscles, sprains and insect bites. Quick and easy to use everywhere. Provides approximately 30 minutes of cooling.

  • Effol Horse Balm—Offers a two-phase effect: guaranteed cooling for three hours immediately after application followed by a pleasant heat sensation that revitalizes tired and stiff muscles. Promotes blood circulation and relaxation after strenuous activity. Friendly to the coat and skin; non-sticky and no bandaging necessary.

The Effol First-Aid Kit also includes:

  • An elastic bandage.
  • A dressing set with disposable gloves.
  • A practical Effol bag to take supplies with you when hacking out.
  • Poster featuring first-aid instructions to hang up in your stable or tack room.