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Fit and Focused in 52

Coach Daniel Stewart has made a name for himself over the past 25 years, enthusiastically training riders of all levels throughout the world, as well as coaching top athletes on several US Equestrian Teams at World Championships, World Equestrian Games, and the Olympics. He's widely considered one of the world's leading experts on equestrian sport psychology, athletics, and performance, providing tips and quips at hundreds of clinics a year, in his bestselling books, and online through his Pressure Proof Academy.

Now Coach Stewart is combining his popular rider mental conditioning techniques with ideas for physical conditioning, as well. In Fit & Focused in 52, readers get quick-hit recommendations for one exercise for the body, and one for the mind, for every week of the year. The end goal is attaining full-on fitness that ensures improved performance on horseback, whatever your age, ability, or discipline. With 52 weeks of creative cross-training, and loads of ideas for customizing workouts to fit personal goals and lifestyle schedules, riders are sure to find themselves positive, pumped up, and ready to go, from head to toe.

“Daniel Stewart's mental and physical training exercises would be a great addition to any rider's program. I'm a big fan of his and love reading his articles…I send them to all my students because I know everyone can benefit from becoming more confident, focused, and fit…and Daniel's equestrian sport psychology and fitness programs are a great way to do it!” — Boyd Martin, US Olympian


“Daniel's rider–specific programs are a must for any serious equestrian athlete. His exercises are a valuable part of the Dartmouth Equestrian Team, and I highly recommend his mental and physical riding programs.” — Sally Batton, Dartmouth Equestrian Team Head Coach, Founder of the Athletic Equestrian League


“After attending one of Daniel's workshop sessions, I always feel energized to go home, work harder, and do more with my horse. His blend of psychological and physical training reminds us that we are athletic partners to our horses, and we need to prepare ourselves for competition with the same fervor we prepare out mounts. With this book, I now have Daniel's encouragement and support in the comfort of my own home. This book can't replace an in–person session with Daniel, but it is the next best option!” — Erin Woodall, Activities and Events Director, US Pony Clubs, Inc.


“Daniel Stewart has put together a wonderful mental coaching program, and I know riders everywhere will really enjoy and benefit from it!” — Lucinda Fredericks, Olympic Silver Medalist


“Behind every great athlete is an even greater mental game. That's where Daniel Stewart comes in.” — Laine Ashker, Advanced Level Eventing Champion, American Eventing Championships 2013

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