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Francois Gauthier Transition Dee Bit with Leather Covered Bars

FG Clinician Collection l Metalab
• Level One
• Finish: Stainless Steel Brushed
• MP: 5⅛" Stainless Steel Leather Covered Bars, ½" Thick, Futurity Port
• CP: 3" Dee Rings, Swivel Free

This bit is a versatile introduction to a ported bit that can be used with both hands.
1. It’s a level one, meaning the mildest bit you can use on a horse.
2. Mouthpiece has leather-covered bars for less discomfort.
3. Features the patented Pinchless System.
4. The cheekpiece features Swivel Free purchase rings that deliver a clearer signal to the horse and prevent the headstall from twisting.
5. Produces less pressure on the tongue than a regular snaffle with no possibility of pinching or squeezing the tongue.