Kong Equine Horse Toy

KONG® Equine offers high-quality, dependable, and appropriate enrichment products for your horses. Made with all-natural, durable Zootooth™ rubber, KONG® Equine products can be used in a variety of ways to keep your horses stimulated and occupied, especially during stall rest.

Zootooth™ is the best rubber compound on the market, with 20% more elongation, tensile strength, and puncture resistance. KONG® Equine’s rubber material is natural, non-toxic, and inert if ingested.

The KONG® Equine Classic is like its canine counterpart you already know and love, just supersized. With two levels of durability, standard and heavy-duty, this well-known shape can be stuffed, frozen, hung, hidden, used in dry or wet environments - there’s no limit to the ways in which this product can be used. Its unpredictable bounce helps to stimulate any horse playing with it.

Standard: 5lbs of rubber, green

Heavy Duty: Thick-walled 8lbs rubber, beige

12" tall