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KY Rotarty Full Cheek Snaffle


For many years riders have been searching for a solution to bitting problems. One principle aim is to achieve the control which is given by a jointed bit, but with the less bulk and a smoother contact of the center joint with the horse's tongue. The full rotary movement of the Ky bit mouthpiece is not restricted like a conventional jointed bit.

After 2 Years of experiments and detailed tests involving numerous riders and their horses, we are pleased to introduce the K.Y Rotary Bit which we claim is the ultimate in jointed bits for the riding industry.

Perfect Ball center swivel joint which enables the sides of the bit to "ROTATE" freely 360 degrees independently. This function helps prevent painful pinching of the tongue and lips and gives the horse a more comfortable fitting when the bit is in action.

The riders control is improved due to the "Rotary" bit fitting center in the horse's mouth because the two sides of the bit are of equal length.

The smooth center ball joint enables the two sides of the bit to turn independently of each other in a smooth and silent movement. 

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