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Riders Rasp Replacement Blades

The RidersRasp® line offers an innovative and performance-enhancing solution to care for your horse’s hooves between farrier visits. Designed by American Farriers Association Certified Journeyman Farrier W.J. Tomlinson, the patented RidersRasp® helps solve some problems a conventional farrier’s rasp can create in the hands of an inexperienced user.

Conventional rasps require:

  • Two hands to operate
  • Standing with horse’s hoof between your legs, often bearing the weight of a leaning horse which can be dangerous
  • Careful attention to not removing too much hoof wall which can lead to soreness, lameness and compromise the hoof’s balance

RidersRasp® allows for:

  • Easy, one-handed operation
  • Standing beside the horse without bearing its weight
  • Confident rounding of the hoof wall without the worry of removing too much
  • Protection from rasp’s sharp teeth with a soft grip and ergonomic no-slip sides

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