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Royal Rider Easy Stirrups

RR EASY is a new, young and versatile stirrup. Extremely resistant and light, it is totally made of Dupont branded techno polymer material.


The elastomers present in the body of the stirrup give it an inherent remarkable elasticity in the immediate, favoring the health of bones and joints.

The space defined by the shape of its arch is effective for the attitude and the dynamics of the movement, the dimension of the support generates stability and security.

The severe tests to which it is subjected are able to certify that the techno polymer used guarantees high performance, together with an excellent durability, perfectly adapting to both high and low temperatures.

It is very low maintenance, being easy to wash with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic features.

The bench is also made of extremely resistant polymer with a reinforced and non-slip grip. Stirrup and bench are totally recyclable.