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Royal Riders Flex Stirrups

RR PERFECT FLEX, maintains the characteristics of a light but highly resistant bracket with high structural integrity typical of the Style line.

These are joined by the flexibility obtained by means of a sophisticated system of stainless steel tie rods positioned in the body of the bracket, suitably covered with a technical rubber cover.

The wide arch makes this stirrup spacious and ergonomic, ensuring high stability and safety: a stirrup that naturally accompanies the rider's gesture, making it perfect for all disciplines.

The soft and elegant lines, the characteristic of flexibility design a technical stirrup, able to effectively reduce stress while leaving a sign of elegance and distinction with its aesthetics .

The bench has a bright polished stainless steel socket, extremely resistant over time. A spare part in non-slip rubber is provided to satisfy every need.

Supplied in three models in black with black rubber cover, black with gray rubber cover, gray with amaranth rubber cover.

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