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Royal Riders Perfect Stirrups

RR PERFECT was the first to revolutionize the world of brackets by introducing the use of a high-strength technopolymer into the production concept. The result is a light, but highly resistant bracket with high structural integrity. The severe tests to which it is subjected are able to certify that the technopolymer used guarantees high performance, together with excellent durability, adapting perfectly to both high and low temperatures.

The wide arch makes this stirrup spacious and ergonomic, guaranteeing high stability and safety: a stirrup that naturally accompanies the rider's gesture, making it perfect for all disciplines. The soft and elegant lines draw a prestigious, timeless stirrup that leaves a sign of elegance and distinction with its classic aesthetic.

It requires low maintenance, being easy to wash simply with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

The bench has a strong stainless steel grip, bright gloss, extremely resistant over time. A spare part in non-slip rubber is provided to satisfy every need.

Supplied in three models in the colors black, gray, silver with a satin finish.

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