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Sprenger KK Ultra Universal Bit

The innovative design of the KK Ultra Universal Double Jointed Snaffle offers versatility for rein placement. Secure, fixed attachment to the bridle helps to better distribute poll pressure and maintain the correct placement of the bit in the horse's mouth to ensure consistent and comfortable contact. The slightly lateral offset position of the upper ring slightly delays the indirect lever action when rein placement is at the lower ring, making this ergonomic design slightly softer than traditional three-ring style bits while still allowing the rider to have more control when needed. The unique link is shorter than most double jointed links, and is rotated 45° to the front to adapt to your horse’s oral anatomy. Crafted from Sprenger’s Sensogan ® metal alloy, this bit has a low copper content that increases salivation while remaining easy to clean and shine.

  • Versatility for rein placement
  • Fixed attachment to the bridle better distributes pressure
  • Offset upper ring offers softer control than traditional 3 ring bits
  • Unique link is shorter than typical bit links
  • Link is rotated 45° to adapt to horse’s anatomy
  • Sensogan® metal alloy encourages salivation

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