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Sprenger WH Ultra D-Ring Snaffle

16mm Thickness.

This Aurigan Bit with unique roller in the center section takes advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue!
The WH ULTRA developed by Lisa Wilcox and Ernst Hoyos together with Sprenger is a double-jointed bit that features a unique roller in the center section.


Lisa Wilcox states: 
"This unique roller provides a gentle stimulation to the tongue, which encourages the horse to chew, prompting salivation, allowing the acceptance of the bit therefore the relaxation of the jaw. It has been Ernst and my experience that through this gentle stimulation our horses learn more quickly to accept the bit softening their entire top-line enabling us to perform the movements with more relaxation, throughness and ultimately more harmony."


If the human tongue finds a little hole in a tooth it gives the impression that there is huge gap – horses are no different. While eating, a horse can even filter out small stones from food.
Did you know that because the tongue is so extremely sensitive it multiplies perceptions in this area dramatically?" KK-Conrad-ULTRA Bits come in AURIGAN – Sprenger's patented alloy, which encourages salivation. There is a full range of sizes and choice of AURIGAN or Stainless Steel rings.

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