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StayOns Poultice Boot

There's a new, better & convenient way to secure hoof wraps - for up to 18 hours.
Whether using our Clay/Epsom salt, Bran/Epsom salt OR Epsom salt hoof wraps, rest assured that you can securely maintain their protection using our specifically designed, patent pending outer casing. We heard time & again, that if we could design an economical, durable poultice boot that actually stayed on, it would be well received ... and if it could be re-used and adjustable to snugly fit most feet - even better.

Well, we took up the challenge and after plenty of prototype designs, materials testing, and final tweaking -we did it.  We chose a state-of-the-art, outer casing material that's a high impact resistant, cross laminated plastic film. Strong enough to even protect explosives during transport. PLUS, it's tamperproof, proven to secure even critical legal and automotive labels. In other words, it's really tough material.  We've combined it with a resilient, repositionable layer for the insole, to help stabilize the wrapped hoof inside the boot, with or without caulks or shoes. 

Then we put it to real-world challenge - big, healthy horses, raring to get out of their stable. Our boots not only stayed on, but came through pretty much unscathed. We recommend STAYONS Poultice Boot as an indoor poultice cover, rather than just turning the horse out. But when you're dealing with a horse with a sore foot - controlled walks or 'restricted' turnout to a smaller paddock seems appropriate. In this way, the boots hold up well, while allowing the horse to remain in good spirits by still getting out of its stall.

For those situations, where full turn out is unavoidable, we're working on new designs for that tough scenario too. The boot has been designed to withstand the rigors over numerous applications, even though it is a disposable unit. With adjustable hook & loop closures straps, it can be easily applied, & then removed to check the foot & reapplied as needed. Rinsing with water, & drying it between uses extends its use. We recommend a 12 -24 hour recheck period (or as directed by your farrier / veterinarian). Replace the poultice wrap, should additional poultice time be needed and simply re-apply the boot.
Supplied: 1 (re-closable, re-usable, disposable, one-size-fits-all) boot / pack.

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