Thinline Contour Pad

ThinLine 3/16" Contour Pad - formerly Ultra ThinLine
The ThinLine Contour Pad is the thinnest one offered by ThinLine and its shape and thickness make it quite versatile. The extended profile provides a greater area of protection for your horse's back. This shock absorbing saddle pad fits many saddle shapes and sizes while the thin design maximizes a close contact feel. The result is a quiet connection between horse and rider, with reduced movement from the rider that allows the horse to receive clearer cues. ThinLine describes it as reducing background noise.

The ThinLine Contour Pad is an outstanding choice for dressage, English, polo, or recreational riding. If you have a custom saddle or one that fits your horse well, the ThinLine won't affect the fit by adding bulk where it's not needed. ThinLine foam pads are maintenance free. They provide maximum shock absorption, prevent saddle movement, improve the rider's performance, and are completely breathable to reduce heat and sweat buildup. ThinLine 3/16" Contour Pad is a great choice for horse and rider looking for more comfort and back protection