ThinLine Western Felt Liner

Use this ThinLine Western Felt Liner to protect show pads and backs. Thin enough to be used as a liner, without adding a ton of bulk between you and your horse.  3/8″high-quality wool felt with 3/16″ Ultra ThinLine. This liner even has shimmable pockets to help improve saddle fit! Perfect for using on multiple horses or which changing and growing horses.  Choose between Ultra Thinline (3/16″) and ThinLine Plus (1/4″) Shims in either Front, Bridging or Rear. Shims are sold separately. 

Take advantage of Thinline’s superior shock absorption to improve you and your horse’s performance. Riders increase the ability to sit and ride the gaits while giving an ultimate close contact feel,  Ultra ThinLine protects the horse’s back, encouraging proper rounding and movement. ThinLine Pads offer 95% shock absorption in a breathable pad. Endorsed by Saddle Fitters, Veterinarians and Surgeons.

This liner works great with treeless saddles as well as western saddles.

32″ x 32″