URAD Leather Care

The ultimate leather care product for Boots and more. Created by the Daru family over 40 years ago in Milan, Italy. URAD cleans, nourishes, protects and shines all smooth leather and dries quickly without leaving a greasy, sticky film. When used properly, URAD will not rub off onto carpets or clothes.

URAD protects against salt stains, watermarks, grass stains, and scuffing. Removes mold, mildew, sweat and dirt.  Like any leather product, we always recommend doing a spot test on your tack. 


URAD Neutral works on all colours of leather. 

URAD Black should be only used on Black boots and tack. 



1. Remove inner seal and sponge from jar

2. Carefully dab sponge into URAD and scrape off all visible product using specially fabricated lip on jar. The less you use the better the results!

3. Apply product with quick, even strokes. In the case of shoes – from front to back. URAD cleans, nourishes, polishes and protects … and dries quickly. Do not go around in circles. This can cause a streaking effect.

4. When finished, rinse sponge in warm water, squeeze dry, and replace inner seal in jar. NOTE: The sponge should never be left directly sitting in the URAD. Place sponge on top of inner seal when sponge is dry.

Remember …a little goes a long, long way, so use Urad sparingly.